Mary Gainza Mary Gainza

Graphic Design / Branding

  • CLIENT Miss Arepita
  • PROJECT | Branding
  • RESPONSIBILITIES || Logo creation, business cards, store branding (banners/menus/postcards), apparel, chalkboard art, photography, e-commerce site (under development)
  • TOOLS || Illustrator / Photoshop / WordPress
  • COMMENTS || Carolina, the owner of Miss Arepita and I met in 2014, and by 2015 we had become friends that turned into a working relationship, we are still working on some of the parts of Miss Arepita such as the e-commerce site.

Miss Arepita, when I originally met the owner, only had a big banner that she had been given as a gift by an artist and the drawing of a small arepa from her nephews, with that after a few weeks/months of getting to know her business (I loooove her food, that’s how we became friends) we started working on refining the image she had in mind

Below the logo design in various options

Style guide for both web + print design including Typography used as inspiration for the logo.


Through out time I have been working slowly on Miss Arepita’s image, from her business cards, to her menus both printed, chalkboard, apparel, and social media ads when possible.





Currently we are trying to work in her e-commerce site, this is just the front page featuring one of the images we created of her yummy food

Miss Arepita website

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