Mary Gainza Mary Gainza

Video Production: Editing + Screen writing + Photography

  • CLIENT | Various
  • PROJECT | Stories both personal & for products
  • RESPONSIBILITIES || Art direction / Photography / Editing / Screen Writing / Illustration / Animation
  • TOOLS || Adobe Premiere / After Effects
  • COMMENTS || During both my undergrad and my masters degree I had the opportunity to create videos for different projects, to tell personal stories & later on to be able to create stories that would tell a problem about an idea that later becomes a project and how it can make a difference.

    After graduation, I had the chance to work in various videos, from promoting artists in fundraising sites to stories about some political issues happening in the Bay Area & collaborating with a non-profit the Ethiopian Education Foundation, below you can find most of my video work.

Patreon Promotional for Artist Danika Kristine

Ethiopian education foundation, Annual meeting

Promotional Video for Inventorioum Web App

Venezuelan Vigil in San Francisco

Respira Sofia


After Effects – Benefits of Bicycles

After Effects – Promo for Wired Magazine

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