Mary Gainza Mary Gainza


Hola! I’m Mary and I’m a Designer in Oakland, CA

I’m a visual person all the time, so much that I end up buying food that has cool packages but maybe ends up not being that great (hey, at least they paid a great designer right?)

I learned about User Experience during my MFA in Web Design and really enjoyed that aspect of design I didn’t know previously, I’m pretty fast at creating flows, concepts, ideas, wireframing and have been commended on my empathy for user understanding during research.

I like working with Sketch and have used the Adobe Creative Suite for a loooong time

I like learning a lot and also like sharing whatever I learn with others when possible.

Besides design I like:

  • Photography
  • Baking
  • Gordon Ramsey
  • The Beach
  • Dogs
  • Film Cameras
  • Having way too many blogs to handle

I’m looking for opportunities that allow me to grow and collaborate more as a designer, I like dynamic environments and challenges.

Looking to hire me? Feel free to see my resume on linkedIn or download it