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Startup Weekend Oakland – LatinX Tech Edition

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Hola Internet people! Have you ever attended a StartUp Weekend? If you haven't I really recommend you do. It's definitely an awesome experience, it's so much more fluid I feel than regular 1hr talks (hey! I still love those -looking at you in many ways, from networking to being able to connect and learn from others. So Oakland had its first Startup weekend last month and all the ideas and talent that came together in under 2 days was really good. I had the chance to be part of a great team that had so much knowledge in finances and upcoming talent in development, although we didn't win, I felt we came so far with our idea. Proud to have sponsored...

Using Adobe Capture

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Hi blog, Long time no see. Well I'm back because I was super excited to tell you internet about this awesome new part of Adobe. It's called Adobe Capture and you basically use it on a mobile device or tablet and sync it with different Adobe programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator. I found about Adobe Capture the other day when I had the chance to go to one of the Adobe offices in San Francisco, they let us play with Adobe Capture that day and at the end we were able to print stickers from what we doodled around and such, it was awesome. these are some of the stickers I created and printed at Adobe I have used mainly the "Shapes" aspect...

UX night in San Francisco

Pheeeew, it's been a while and the year is fastly approaching to the end but :D I found one more awesome thing for UX folks, you probably even have heard of it but if you haven't feel free to check it out. The UX Night Organized by Andi from Cascade SF (on So in brief, UX Night is basically a night of each month (sometimes 2 nights in the same month) where you get to visit one pretty cool office space from one of the sponsors and there's a talk or 2 (the topic changes continuously) It's a bit similar to the Creative mornings but directed at designers mostly. What's cool about it? Some nights include mentoring from experienced industry designers...

Interaction15 + UX reader ebook

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Happy new year folks :) I know it's february but lets just pretend my blog is more like a newsletter that doesn't clutter your inbox + happens like once every 2 months or so. Anyway, so this past week was the Interaction15 conference organized by IXDA and it was pretty cool :P I don't know if they will be posting the keynotes (I heard they will, I just don't know where yet) so if you can keep an eye out there on the internet about that. I was volunteering to attend and even though I didn't get to see all the keynotes myself, I attended a workshop and was fortunate enough to enjoy Mike Monteiro's keynote, which if you don't know...

Chart.js + hiatus times

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Hey hey hey, it's been a few weeks since the last update, I was busy finishing the last final pieces of Inventorium and it was a success. It's finally over and maybe you'd like to check it out ;) So for inventorium, the last couple months I spent a lot of time re-sketching, looking for more inspiration and then implementing new things on the dashboard (which was my last post) and I found the HTML5 graphics from Chart.js (they are a mix of html5 + javascript), have you tried them yet? Even though there are a few jquery charts out there and also google chartss for free use, I found the chart.js one was the easier to understand and implement,...

Design resources & Inspiration

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Hi fellow designers and people in the internet :) So lately I've been working on sketches and brainstorming in order to come up with a super useful + neat dashboard for Inventorium, I was supposed to be super done with Inventorium a few weeks ago, but the committee thinks (which I agree now, that day it was hard to hear though) that Inventorium seems a bit like lacking something and that is a bit too orange (I don't really mind orange, i think it rocks :P) but it's more about hierarchy being problematic based on using just 2 colors mostly, the idea of a dashboard is honestly daunting and exciting altogether :) This brings us to Inspiration.... one of...

Website finally got it’s revamp

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So, after a couple weeks of playing around with Wordpress, CSS and creating an Illustration for the landing home I got to revamp this portfolio site. Originally its last real design was in early 2012 and it looked something like this: After that I had another portfolio site that had tons of things (flyers, illustrations, etc) powered by tumblr, it was ok... (more like meh!) I think when you go from graphic designer to just aiming to do user experience design (it also may apply to many other aspects of life :P ) it gets hard to actually let go of pieces of work you liked in the past or think are good, but in conclusion is better to aim to...