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Envertex Realty


  • CLIENT || Envertex Realty
  • PROJECT | Envertex is a company that is currently building tools for real estate agents and for people looking for real estate, they needed the design for their product pages that explained each product currently offered
  • RESPONSIBILITIES || UI Design, Visual Design, Copywriting
  • TOOLS || Balsamiq, Illustrator, Photoshop
  • COMMENTS || This pages are responsive, created primarily for desktop and tablet. I ended up creating 3 pages for their different products using the wireframe and design originally created and later creating icons that matched each product qualities
  • You can see this project live at Envertex Central and the other 2 pages (online forms & contact master) can also be seen under the products section of Envertex Realty



The red line is the cut on the page for smaller screens (Tablet, small laptops, etc)


Visual Design



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Web design for real estate agency

Envertex Realty is an area of Envertex that provides services and tools for real estate agents, in this case I created their product pages: Envertex Central Contact Master Online Forms. All of the pages are responsive