Mary Gainza Mary Gainza

Chef D’Insalaco

  • CLIENT Chef Donna Insalaco
  • PROJECT | Personal website for marketing purposes
  • RESPONSIBILITIES || Rapid fire branding + wireframing + research + development
  • TOOLS || Illustrator / Sketch / Text Wrangler / WordPress
  • COMMENTS || Responsive web design, using wordpress as the final choice by both designer and client.

The Chef Donna Insalaco and I met a couple of years ago, she’s an amazing person and has a very minimalistic taste. She’s been in the food industry for a long time and was referred to me by a friend when she mentioned wanting to have her own website since she’s considering the possibilities of assessing other foodies about creating restaurants or any food related business.

She also mentioned the possibility of writing blog posts in the future but that it wasn’t a priority at the moment. Her most important word that she wanted for the main hero text is “Imagineer” a word that definitely helped defined the tone for the rest of the design

My initial research involved having a mood board based on our conversation, colors, images. Below: Moodboard


Once having an imagery moodboard, I knew based of the word Imagineer and our conversation, somehow the tone was as of a magician, dark, moody, but classic.

Quickly I created her a temporary logo to use on the website, we also settled to have a one page only website until the blog/news sections is incorporated, I just don’t want the user to be waiting on loading times per page.

Logo & Style tyle for websiste
Insalaco - Logo

Insalaco Style

Once the I had an initial style to work from, I proceeded to find a wordpress template that was adaptable and that allowed us changing it deeply to connect the ideas we already had in mind, at most a 3 column design that would a allow showing various blog posts in the future, but also could show fast and organized the information of services provided by Donna.


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