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Hi fellow designers and people in the internet :) So lately I've been working on sketches and brainstorming in order to come up with a super useful + neat dashboard for Inventorium, I was supposed to be super done with Inventorium a few weeks ago, but the committee thinks (which I agree now, that day it was hard to hear though) that Inventorium seems a bit like lacking something and that is a bit too orange (I don't really mind orange, i think it rocks :P) but it's more about hierarchy being problematic based on using just 2 colors mostly, the idea of a dashboard is honestly daunting and exciting altogether :) This brings us to Inspiration.... one of...

Website finally got it’s revamp

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So, after a couple weeks of playing around with Wordpress, CSS and creating an Illustration for the landing home I got to revamp this portfolio site. Originally its last real design was in early 2012 and it looked something like this: After that I had another portfolio site that had tons of things (flyers, illustrations, etc) powered by tumblr, it was ok... (more like meh!) I think when you go from graphic designer to just aiming to do user experience design (it also may apply to many other aspects of life :P ) it gets hard to actually let go of pieces of work you liked in the past or think are good, but in conclusion is better to aim to...