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Website finally got it’s revamp

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So, after a couple weeks of playing around with WordPress, CSS and creating an Illustration for the landing home I got to revamp this portfolio site.

Originally its last real design was in early 2012 and it looked something like this:


After that I had another portfolio site that had tons of things (flyers, illustrations, etc) powered by tumblr, it was ok… (more like meh!)

I think when you go from graphic designer to just aiming to do user experience design (it also may apply to many other aspects of life :P ) it gets hard to actually let go of pieces of work you liked in the past or think are good, but in conclusion is better to aim to the pieces that really speak about what you want to work on right now and pieces that show a lot of detail and your style as a designer than just a huge lot of randomness (better 5 good pieces than 20 ok pieces), keep it short and sweet :P

I also enjoy visiting other designer portfolios for inspiration which might be on wording the work, colors used and also the technology they are using for their showcasing, for example:

Simple and clean like Radium

Deep and full of tech life like Mirohristov


Last but not least, moving on to wordpress as my platform for the portfolio allows me to keep on my blogging (design wise mostly here) which I have enjoyed since forever (been blogging since 2004, yeah go me!)

So I hope you enjoy my random design blogging and let me know, what works best for your portfolio?


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