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Hi fellow designers and people in the internet :)

So lately I’ve been working on sketches and brainstorming in order to come up with a super useful + neat dashboard for Inventorium, I was supposed to be super done with Inventorium a few weeks ago, but the committee thinks (which I agree now, that day it was hard to hear though) that Inventorium seems a bit like lacking something and that is a bit too orange (I don’t really mind orange, i think it rocks :P) but it’s more about hierarchy being problematic based on using just 2 colors mostly, the idea of a dashboard is honestly daunting and exciting altogether :)

This brings us to Inspiration…. one of the topics of this post, what do you do when the inspiration seem to have dissapeared?
For me I go to talks from other designers and do a lot of DIY’s to keep the brain functioning, but i’m going to say that the talks do more for my design inspiration than the DIY’s :P

Talks and meetings like CreativeMornings are pretty neat, they inspire you most of the times with the change of topics and the different views from other designers, tech people, entrepreneurs and artists and if it doesn’t inspire you (it has happened to me that there’s been times I leave full of donuts in my belly and not ideas) it lets you do some networking.

Also I feel browsing regular design sites that have newsletters or just interesting topics on a weekly basis can be useful, I like freebies (who doesn’t?) and even though I actually rather create every pixel of my projects, sometimes you need resources to create something on the fly (a presentation, some happy birthday card for somebody, etc) and that’s when signing for some design resources place rocks!

I like always checking CreativeMarket and the weekly freebies they have (usually 3 or 6 if you follow them on facebook) check out the ones from this week, for example:

This are useful for mocking a design on a device :D

Even though I haven’t used them much (the folder I have of downloads from a while) I enjoy getting icons and organic fonts from them and trying them on my wireframing while i decide on the style i might use later, they also have short and to the point postings on different topics that work as inspiration or as enlightenment about certain things you might not have clear when you are new to design or even marketing.

Floral cards from Creative Market, see quick for thanking you for reading my post :P (free this week)

So which sites do you check for inspiration or design resources?
Let me know in the comments below and hope to read from you soon.
Have an awesome week.


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