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Interaction15 + UX reader ebook

Happy new year folks :) I know it’s february but lets just pretend my blog is more like a newsletter that doesn’t clutter your inbox + happens like once every 2 months or so.

Anyway, so this past week was the Interaction15 conference organized by IXDA and it was pretty cool :P
I don’t know if they will be posting the keynotes (I heard they will, I just don’t know where yet) so if you can keep an eye out there on the internet about that.

I was volunteering to attend and even though I didn’t get to see all the keynotes myself, I attended a workshop and was fortunate enough to enjoy Mike Monteiro’s keynote, which if you don’t know yet feel free to read one of his books (the only I have read so far was pretty easy and not boring) or look up one of his design videos or something.

Anyway, he talked about 13 common mistakes designers make at presentations and how if you can’t sell design you aren’t as awesome as you should be. Besides that my workshop was about journey mapping which was kind of as a refresher since I have had the chance of doing that before, but here, enjoy a little sketch of what we were doing in it :P
2015-02-11 15.26.23 We were working on trying to automate the check-in experience at a hotel.

Anyway, so I was also coming here to tell you that I found this other awesome UX ebook here

It could maybe be of use for your UX library, readings and what not, from mailchimp.

And thats it for now, talk soon guys :)

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