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Chart.js + hiatus times

Hey hey hey, it’s been a few weeks since the last update, I was busy finishing the last final pieces of Inventorium and it was a success. It’s finally over and maybe you’d like to check it out ;)

So for inventorium, the last couple months I spent a lot of time re-sketching, looking for more inspiration and then implementing new things on the dashboard (which was my last post) and I found the HTML5 graphics from Chart.js (they are a mix of html5 + javascript), have you tried them yet?

Even though there are a few jquery charts out there and also google chartss for free use, I found the chart.js one was the easier to understand and implement, even though part of the documentation is “incomplete” or wasn’t super straight for me, at the end it all worked nicely for the prototype.


So if you are looking for graphs and haven’t just checked out that option, do it, it’s free, easy to use and 100% customizable :) visit chart.js for demo’s and more information

See you on the next post oh and happy belated thanksgiving :)

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